About Us



How many times do you hear the phrases - "waste of time", "waste of space", "waste of effort", "waste of energy", "waste of money". Just phrases? Think again!

In the industry there has always been an interest from laundries to look at how costs and waste could be reduced but not many have followed through doing anything about it. Whether it be from reducing water use, gas use, reducing cleaning costs and the associated maintenance by controlling lint, or just simply improving production. Not wasting time, energy, money, effort and space is an important factor in your business.

Every laundry has the opportunity to explore those opportunities but it is amazing how many laundries don't even consider exploring the possibility of the reductions and savings that can be made.

It doesn't matter what size your laundry is ~ small or large ~ there are ways you can reduce utility use and other costs but to find that out you first of all need to explore the potential and this is where we come in.

We want to get laundries to consider the potential of what could be achieved.

Our approach is simple, let us first look at the feasibility of what you want to achieve, whether it is to reduce water use, gas use, improve production, cut down on laborious lint cleaning or combinations of all those things. We simply look at what you require and advise as to what we feel would be the best option.

For energy and utility savings, using information provided by yourselves, we calculate what your requirement is and the potential savings that could be made and show it in such a way that you can see the savings and more importantly the return on any investment.

Contact us, call us and have a chat. Just think, every minute you don't is literally money down the drain.......what a waste!