You wouldn't throw your linens out after one why do it with your laundry water?

AquaRecycle does it's part in helping your organisation sustain the environment. By cleaning and recycling your laundry's water, it helps conserve local fresh water sources. As most of your waste water is cleaned, disinfected and recycled the small amount of discharge to the sewer system poses no threat to the environment.

AquaRecycle laundry waste water recovery systems - A perfect fit with your facility. Each property, facility or institution is unique. The same is true for every AquaRecycle Water recycle system. We have different styles of system, each designed to maximise your savings as well as your bank account. Every recycle system is customised to meet your specific equipment and operational needs by our expertly trained engineering staff.

AquaRecycle’s compact modular design makes the system easy to install, operate and maintain — even in tight spaces. It can be located up to 150 mtrs away from your laundry. Inside, outside, in a car park, basement or even on a roof.
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