Take control of dryer exhaust

Energenics Corporation is the largest manufacturer of Lint Filters, with 45 models of Lint Filters (collectors) that accommodate dryer exhaust from 500cfm/300m3 to 40,000cfm/24,000m3.

NEW On Premise Laundry Lint Filter requires no compressed air for screen cleaning. Energenics new Air Free "no blowdown" filter is sized to filter from 1,000cfm/600m3 to 2,700cfm/1,620m3.

The Air-Free range requires no power supply or utility hook-up. Simply connect the duct in and duct out to eliminate by-pass lint by up to 98%. These units reduce lint build up in ducting, reducing the risk of duct fire. Optional fire suppression further increases laundry safety.

Energenics Space Saver line of filters revolutionized Lint Filtering by utilizing the smallest footprint to filter maximum exhaust. Space Saver Filters are available from 4,000cfm/2,400m3 to 40,000cfm/24,000m3 in both fiberglass and stainless steel. This style dominates the market and is installed with most new dryers.

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Further information can also be found at: www.energenics.com