Is lint a problem? constantly clearing it up, cleaning equipment?

Energenics, the lint collection market leader, has designed the New AALF Lint Scrubber 8000, Ambient Air Lint Filter, to help solve the problem of lint laden air in laundries above the feeding, finishing and folding of operations in the clean linen area.

The Lint Scrubber 8000 has the largest lint and dust collection area coverage for any collection device in the market, the machine is a true lint scrubbing vacuum, pulling lint, dust and contaminants from the air. This problem solving Lint Scrubber 8000, saves clean-up labour costs and vastly improves laundry air quality.

Removing airborne lint and dust results in cleaner rails for sling loading/unloading systems and facilitates smoother operation, less operator intervention and less cleaning labour. Lint accumulating in the ceiling is reduced for a safer environment. On the floor, it helps keep lint and dust from accumulating on expensive linen handling equipment. The Lint Scrubber 8000 lessens the contamination of controls and mechanical components of the finishing equipment.

Laundries spend hours cleaning the lint off the equipment after shutdown. Collect the lint first with the Lint Scrubber, and then eliminate the laborious cleanup. With the largest lint collection area in the marketplace, removing airborne lint and dust is safer and better for the employees, improving morale and reducing operating costs.

Also available are the LS6000 low profile and LS3000 OPL models.

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