Are you blowing your energy costs through the roof?

Introducing the first high efficiency dryer heat recovery system in the industry - ThermalRecycle. With documented up to 50% energy reduction and 30% reductions in drying times, this revolutionary Heat Exchange technology can significantly reduce energy costs while drastically improving dryer efficiency with faster drying times.

The patent pending heat wheel technology and 'air-blast' cleaning keeps exhaust moisture and lint away from the re-heated incoming air for perfect quality and most efficient drying. ThermalRecycle units are adaptable to any dryer, any size and any age.

The ThermalRecycle wheel captures the hot moisture laden air from the dryer and transfers the heat without the moisture to the incoming cooler air. Due to the unit design, there is no crossover of lint, dust or burnt particulate into the incoming air stream reducing the dulling of linens.

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